María G. Albornoz

Maria received her Masters in Fine Arts in ceramics from Tyler School of Art, Temple University and a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

Born in Kansas, she lived through her late teens in Caracas, Venezuela and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA where she works for the Clay Studio's outreach program as a community engagement teaching artist.

Within the Sea2

Brief Biography

Current Art Statement

My current body of work explores memory. The objects I create are abstract interpretations from my childhood while living in Caracas, Venezuela and my daily life experiences. While some memories are transient and others get distorted through time, the impressions left behind are very pronounced. They are like the fabrics of the city surrounded by mountains, the intertwining of textures and smells.  

Through my work, I seek to reconcile impressions from my memory, recreating forms, textures and ideas that have touched me. In a way, this is like freezing time. Living, interpreting and making are endlessly intertwined in a tangled cycle of art and daily life.

Ordinary, absurd and oddly familiar objects explore the relationship between line, color, textures and form. My hope is to create a feeling of wonder and curiosity in the viewer. And, perhaps they can construct, based on their own experiences, a narrative drawn from their own memories.